Airgate Israel Ltd. was established in 1999 and its headquarters are in Hamelacha Street in Lod. In addition, the company has operational offices in the Mamman Building in the Ben Gurion Airport and in both the Haifa and Ashdod sea ports.

The company provides an extensive variety of services in air, sea and land shipping, projects, insurance, door to door transport, logistics, shipment packaging, handling and custom clearance of art object, distribution of bulk mail, personal items, land transport across the bridges on the Jordan river, import and export, handling imports, exports and clearance of animals, air, sea and custom clearance of food products, shipments of temperature-controlled drugs, passenger escort, time critical and more. The company has at its disposal a reliable team which offers shipping solutions of freight aircraft to specific and faraway destination as well as a team which specializes in imports and exports, shipping and handling of dangerous cargo.

All of the company’s employees have extensive experience in the areas of sea and air shipping and customs. Our computer systems are of the most advanced in the market and are linked to authorities such as the Customs, the Haifa and Ashdod sea ports, airports and air depots (Mamman and Swissport) as well as the Standards Institute, the Communications and Health Ministries. In addition, we have, as part of our computer system, an advanced Customer Management system and a built-in quote system, enabling us to quote speedily and efficiently, in response to the client’s requirements, as well as give proposals and logistical solutions with emphasis on paperless work environment, whenever possible.

Throughout the years of operation, very firm work connections have been established with networks of agents and logistics service providers in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia. This makes it possible for us to offer a speedy and efficient operational response, fulfilling the needs of our clients, who enjoy our professional, efficient and quick services as well as attractive transport prices from and to any destination around the globe.