Customs Clearance

Our custom brokerage department specializes in providing brokerage services to clients in many varied areas.

The department is managed by a team with many years’ experience, familiar with all the clearance processes, the legality and the import procedures, with special attention to following the customs procedures and obtaining import permits from authorities such as the Standards Institute, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Brokerage services are designated for anyone involved in import and export of goods to assist them in coping with the Customs Authority. The Customs Authority is the body in charge of custom duties control in the sea and airports. It is a complex issue, as the bureaucracy is entangled so that only an experienced brokerage firm can best deal with it. The professionalization of the custom brokerage service enables us to assist our clients to make their work more efficient by undertaking to handle all the communications with the Customs Authority, including taking particular care of the associated paperwork. We can also assist with the customs brokerage vis-à-vis additional audit bodies involved in the imports and exports issues such as the Ministries of Health, Communication and the Standards Institute. We offer to out clients advanced customs brokerage services, using innovative technological methods, enabling them to be updated in real time as to the status of their business. Anyone involved in commerce in todays’ global village needs professional and reliable customs brokerage services to maintain sound and legal commerce. Let us do it for you.