Our logistics and supply chain management team has an extensive experience in a handling a large number of various of projects,img_3 and has at its disposal a special and diverse equipment for shipping, handling shipments from the moment of receiving the order, through the transport by air and sea, custom clearance, warehousing right up to unloading at the final destination, safeguarding throughout the quality of the product and following to the letter the supplier’s instructions regarding matters such as temperature controlled storage, transport on special trucks, and specific methods of unloading and packaging.

Outsourced logistics services are a perfect solution for businessmen and companies who strive to focus on their core business and leave the peripheral solutions to the professionals. As part of the variety of our services, we offer to our clients extensive, advanced and varied services whilst handling the various goods strictly and accurately.

In the interest of cost saving and efficiency, we recommend to any import-export business to hire external logistics services; this will release the business from the responsibility and burden of managing and handling the goods – regular or special conditions storage, unloading, management and stock-control, packaging, shipping and more. Outsourcing these services frees the management of the company to deal with the main issues and let the rest be managed by professionals who are familiar with and are aware of the importance of a well-oiled logistics system to a successful business.