Logistics Solutions for Special Cargo

Transporting special or sensitive cargo requires special handling and a suitable logistic organization. When transporting delicate equipment such as delicate digital instruments, laboratory equipment or materials requiring cooling, a whole range of risks and potential damage during the transporting process must be taken in to account and appropriate precautions must be taken.

AIRGATE has years of experience of preparing and managing complex projects. We offer a wide variety of advanced logistics services including professional consulting and logistics management of projects throughout the supply chain with complete personal accompaniment of the client, while utilizing the most advanced methods in existence.

AIRGATE’s logistic services include:

– Consultation and preparation prior to special imports or exports projects

– Preparations of the products for shipping, as per the supplier’s instructions

– Packaging and shipping to or from the port, transport on special trucks

– Professional handling of the containers (containerization and unloading)

– Air or sea transport

– Unloading at the final destination using specialized methods and ensuring the product integrity

– Using security systems and climate control

– Storage solutions for sensitive equipment

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