Sea Craft Imports

Purchase and import of sea craft such as yachts, motor boats and sail boats has been growing rapidly in Israel. With the global market situation and the changes in the dollar rate, the chance of owning a fast motorboat anchored in the marina seems to be within reach.

Nowadays it is possible to purchase almost any kind of sea craft abroad and import it to Israel quite easily. At AIRGATE we offer you professional services of purchasing and importing sea crafts from the USA or Europe, personally escorted through a speedy, professional process, minus the associated headache.

AIRGATE’s sea craft imports services include:

– Marine appraisal abroad

– Examination of the sea craft and its documentation

– Shipping by sea or air

– Sea craft insurance

– Customs clearance

– Unloading and storage in the port

– Registration in the Register of Vessels at the Shipping and Ports Authority

– Check of the craft sailing capabilities

The process of purchasing a sea craft such as a dinghy or a yacht and transporting it to Israel is a complex one, requiring knowledge and experience. It is therefore highly recommended to turn to an international shipping company that specializes in importing sea craft and in handling the bureaucratic systems in Israel and abroad.

For additional details and quotes for personal imports of sea craft, please contact us.