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 What Factors Affect How Much Shipping From USA to Israel Costs?

Israel represents a major trade partner for the United States, with the 1985 US-Israel Free Trade Agreement opening the door for billions in trade between the two nations each year. As such, there are well-established standards for anyone looking to ship from US to Israel. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into determining individual shipping from USA to Israel costs.

Choosing the Right Carrier to Reduce Shipping From USA to Israel Costs

Of course, one of the biggest factors is who you choose to ship your goods with. Traditional shipping carriers can be prohibitively expensive to ship from US to Israel. Organizations like FedEx and others charge premiums on international shipments almost anywhere, including to Israel. Instead, a freight forwarding company could be the most affordable shipping option.

Freight forwarding company has a number of benefits over traditional carriers. In general, they’re much more efficient. They provide a full range of services that shippers require, including logistics and handling duties and other import considerations. This really isn’t what traditional carriers are for, and you could risk racking up unexpected fees and penalties if you don’t think of everything beforehand.

Ship From Us To Israel

How You Ship Your Goods

A freight forwarding company utilizes a variety of different shipping methods to meet the needs of its diverse customers. This is typically a combination of air freight, sea freight, and rail freight. Many shipments are going to require more than one type, and the freight forwarding company handles all the logistics and regulations regarding the different shipment types.

In general, the company will determine the best shipping method based on the size and type of freight, along with shipping deadlines and budget. Obviously, air freight is more expensive pound for pound than sea freight. But, it’s often the better option depending on specific customer requirements. A freight forwarding company takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives customers their best options.

Customs and Taxes

International customs are always a complex area, and it’s no exception when trying to determine shipping from USA to Israel costs. Depending on the class of goods and intended use, along with other factors, customs fees can vary significantly. Improper customs declarations can lead to fines or even goods being seized. A freight forwarding company knows all customs requirements well and can save your organization the most when it comes to US to Israel freight.

Airgate International Freight Forwarding

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