Shipping From Israel To Canada Time

What You Need to Know About Shipping From Israel to Canada

Canada and Israel have air longstanding trade agreement that has recently changed to offer more effective options for small and medium businesses operating in trade between the two nations. There are billions of dollars of trade shipping from Israel to Canada each year, with top Canadian imports from Israel including boilers and industrial machinery, scientific instruments, pharmaceuticals, and electrical equipment.

All of this trade comes to Canada by either sea or air routes, and which one each shipment uses depends on a few different points. There are, of course, time constraints for individual cargoes, with air being faster than the sea. Then there’s the cost, where the sea is more affordable than air. These are just the two obvious points, with many other customs, regulatory, and shipment-specific criteria.

Shipping From Israel to Canada by Air

Now, of course, Canada is a big country. There can be major differences based on where exactly freight is headed in Canada. Depending on this, air freight can often require additional legs to the shipment via rail or other distribution channels.

The flight itself is going to run roughly between 11 to 18 hours. There will be processing and handling on either end, so the soonest that freight could be expected is one day. However, anything outside of the major cities will require further transport, which means many shipments take up to 3 days.

Shipping From Israel to Canada by Sea

Sea freight is more affordable than air freight, but it can take significantly longer. Shipping from Israel to Canada’s east coast will run about 2 to 3 weeks. However, the shipping from Israel to Canada time for the west coast will be upwards of 5 to 6 weeks. The logistics are complex, but shipping by sea to the east coast and then by rail across all of Canada is sometimes a better option.

Of course, there are significant stretches of inland Canada that are very far from any ports. These areas will require additional freight by rail to reach their destination. However, this is an extra day or two in most cases and does not add significant time to the several weeks that sea freight will take.

Shipping From Israel To Canada Time

Coordinating Freight From Israel to Canada

Canada is practically on the complete opposite side of the world from Israel. This, combined with vast stretches of land without port access, makes the logistics of shipping to Canada incredibly difficult. Choosing a freight forwarding company lets your organization benefit from its years of experience to find the best shipping solution.

Airgate is just such a freight forwarding company, with the necessary logistics capacity and networks to provide optimal shipping from Israel to Canada. We can find the freight solution for your unique budgetary, time, and cargo requirements.