Shipping Of Cargo To Israel

 What’s the Best Way to Ship Cargo to Israel?

Every year, Israel imports nearly $100 billion in goods from 180 countries around the globe. These goods come in via air or by sea to Israel’s ports on the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Shipping from abroad, both options have their upsides and downsides. Choosing the best way to ship cargo to Israel isn’t a simple matter, with numerous considerations in terms of shipping time, cost, and regulations.

Sending Cargo by Air

Shipping by air is the fastest way to get just about anything to Israel. However, this speed comes at a premium. Air shipments are more expensive than sea shipments, making them unviable for many imports and exports. In other cases, cargo flights to Israel are the only option for goods that must arrive faster than a long sea journey can provide.

Airfreight also has better tracking options than sea cargo. Shipments by air will have included tracking information that allows the shipper and receiver to monitor the progress of the goods as they go from the origin, to the flight, to the destination. The combination of advanced monitoring, fast deliveries, and relatively expensive costs makes air freight the go-to choice for goods with a high value per weight.

Shipping Of Cargo To Israel

Sending Cargo by Sea

Global sea shipments have been the standard for centuries, and here on the shores of the Mediterranean, it’s been a standard for millennia. It’s come a long way since then, with massive cargo ships offering the most economically efficient shipping of cargo to Israel. Going with a reliable freight forwarding company means that sea freight can be an affordable and secure method to ship cargo to Israel.

Sea freight is highly versatile, with many specialized services like refrigerated shipments at affordable prices. While sea freight takes longer than air, it is more affordable, doesn’t have freight size or weight limits, and gives easier and more affordable access to warehousing before and after shipments.

How Freight Forwarding Makes Shipping Cargo to Israel Easier

A lot goes into the logistics of shipping cargo to Israel. Instead of trying to navigate these intricacies themselves, many companies rely on freight forwarding companies to coordinate their sea and air freight. This ensures that they’re using the optimal shipping method for their goods, schedule, and budget. It also brings regulations, duties, and taxes under the umbrella of one company, ensuring that a lack of coordination doesn’t lead to fines or delays.

Airgate International Freight Forwarding

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