Shipping Times From Israel To Uk

Determining Freight Shipping Times From Israel to UK

Over £2 billion in goods are shipped from Israel to the UK each year, making Israel one of the UK’s major trade partners. These shipments go by air or by sea, and the method of shipping greatly affects the shipping times from Israel to UK. Whenever an organization has to decide between air and sea freight, they have to consider the unique requirements for their cargo and which method best meets those needs. Time is an important factor, but it is often balanced by budgetary and security concerns.

Air Shipping Times From Israel to UK

The actual flight from Israel to the UK takes just about 5 hours. Of course, this isn’t going to be the total time it takes to go from shipper to receiver. There’s handling, customs, and more steps in-between that add up. This means that air freight can take between 1 to 3 days, and that’s highly specific to individual shipments.

While air freight can move from Israel to the UK within one day, this is only if everything goes right. There are numerous logistics and customs delays that can happen when shipments aren’t properly planned and carried out. If the shipment only takes one day, having to wait an additional day for customs holds doubles the shipment time. Choosing a freight forwarding company with experience handling every aspect of shipping is the best way to avoid these delays.

Sea Shipping Times From Israel to UK

A significant portion of Israel to UK freight goes by sea. This is slower but also cheaper. As such, it’s the preferred method when time isn’t of the essence or for particularly large or heavy shipments. With processing included, shipments are going to take two to three weeks. This is significantly longer than air freight shipping times from Israel to UK, but also much less expensive.

Sea freight is also highly versatile, with options like refrigerated shipping or accommodations for any other unique needs. There are also affordable options for full container loads, less than container loads, and palletized goods.

Of course, organizations need careful planning for sea freight. Without an effective shipping agent, freight could end up sitting in warehouses waiting for an available ship. There can also be customs delays that can further set shipments back. A freight forwarding company with years of experience in sea freight can avoid these problems by consolidating all logistics to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Airgate International Freight Forwarding

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