Imports From Italy

In recent years, more and more Israelis choose to import a variety of products from abroad, be it by personal import or, in the case of commercial imports – with the help of a customs brokerage firm. The reasons for imports from abroad are varied and range from the desire to source unique products which are not available in Israel, through purchasing products which are significantly cheaper abroad than in Israel to the benefit of lower custom duties or sales tax rates, the last one being of most relevance for companies and businesses which import commercial quantities of goods.

The main countries from which the Israelis import goods are the USA, countries in the Far East (mainly China) and European countries. At present, imports from Europe are very popular, for a number of reasons:

The State of Israel is a signatory on trade agreements with many countries of the European Union. This exempts the importers from duty payments. Among those countries: Italy, Belgium, Greece, Great Britain and others. The imports from Europe allow faster supply times than imports from the USA or the Far East, due to the geographic proximity. The weakening of the Euro against the dollar also impact on the commercial benefits of imports from the European countries.

Italy is one of the countries with which Israel has a particularly active import-export relationship. The Israelis import from Italy a wide variety of products, starting with clothing and fashion items, through textile products, high-end furniture and design items and up to cars and raw materials for industry.


We offer a wide variety of solutions custom made for imports from Italy. This is done by way of a weekly full containers and partial shipments service to the Haifa and Ashdod ports. We offer a quick, reliable and efficient service fully responsive to the client’s requirements.